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Wild Game Recovery

See Terms and Conditions

Can't find that huge buck you shot? Let us help!

We are now able to offer assistance with finding wild game (specifically deer and hogs) that have been taken in accordance with Arkansas Game and Fish Commission regulations. Searching for a downed deer from an aerial perspective can provide a fast, effective way for hunters to ethically ensure their animal has been properly recovered.


Check out our video below for a demonstration!

If you want us to help you find your deer or hogs, please note the following Terms and Conditions before contacting us:

1. All flights will be conducted in accordance with FAA and AGFC regulations

2. UASAR does not offer services for spotting or scouting game areas

3. Recovery flights can only be conducted over privately-owned or leased land (no WMAs)

4. Locations must be within 90 minutes of Little Rock

5. Flights must be conducted within 12 hours of being taken to ensure accurate heat readings

Once we get a call to find an animal, we will need you to VENMO a $50 non-refundable deposit for the search. After the deposit is received, we will head your way. Total cost is $100/hour plus mileage, with a one-hour minimum, regardless of whether the animal is found or not. 

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