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Aerial Photography

$100/hour plus mileage 

Enjoy a New Perspective!


In addition to our educational services, we are also capable of providing high-quality aerial photography upon request. We can deliver still photographs at 20 megapixels, video at 4K resolution (30 FPS), and high-definition mapping projects for commercial interests. Project results are generally available on the same day the photos are taken, and stored digitally for your review or use. Pricing depends on airspace type, distance traveled and time on site, so contact us today for an estimate!

Thermal Photography

Prices Vary

Maximize resources through Multispectrum Photography!


We now utilize the Mavic 2 Dual Enterprise Advanced drone for multispectrum imaging of all kinds. The powerful 640-resolution sensor is extremely capable of picking up temperature differences for people, buildings, and utility inspection services. Drones are actively being used to spot heat loss for landlords and HVAC companies, detecting hot or cold failure points for utility companies, or simply trying to find a lost pet. Contact us today for information on our thermal photography rates!

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