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Know Before You Fly

The official FAA site to help new drone users make safe decisions about where they can fly, and how to avoid causing safety incidents.


FAA's mobile app that lets drone operators know where they can and cannot fly. The app works by using the GPS in your smartphone to show your location in relation to airports. Primarily used by recreational or model airplane pilots.

FAA Drone Zone

This is the one-stop-shop provided by the FAA for both recreational and commercial drone pilots. In the Drone Zone, you can register your aircraft, apply for operational waivers, request to fly in controlled airspace, or even report accidents that occur in the field. 


AirMap is one of the premier LAANC service providers, allowing you to use your smartphone to request airspace for drone flights in controlled airspace near Class B, C, D, or E airports. 

Verifly Insurance

Have you considered what could happen if your drone crashes into someone or something? Verifly uses your smartphone to determine your location, and provide a quote for $1 million of liability insurance based on where you are and what you want to do. Rates generally start at $25 and hour 


How do you know what the specific weather conditions are for your flight area? Under Part 107, we have to abide by specific visibility and cloud clearance requirements. AeroWeather uses AWOS and ASOS information to give you that information. Be advised--the free version will require you to decipher those METARs!


If you are combining manned flight with unmanned flight, ForeFlight is an excellent tool for your flight planning needs. It can overlay sectional charts, provide up to date weather information, and give critical airport information. However, at $99 a year, it may be of limited use for the casual drone pilot. 

Maps Made Easy

Maps Made Easy uses the .EXIF data in your drone photos to overlay them for mapping purposes. The cool thing is that it will use any .EXIF-enabled drone, regardless of manufacturer. So give it a shot and see what you can put together!

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