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Part 107 Test Prep Course

8-hour course

$250.00 per person

Pass your FAA Part 107 test with our help!

In 2016, the Federal Aviation Administration issued FAR Part 107, requiring any person operating an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS -- or "drone") for any reason other than "personal recreation" to hold a Remote Pilot Certificate.

The RPC is acquired by passing a stringent knowledge test involving questions on Regulations, Airspace, Weather, Performance, and Operations. The test is intended to ensure that anyone flying an sUAS is well versed in the safe operation of that aircraft, and takes actions necessary to protect the public in the air and on the ground. Our course is designed for people who need to have a certificate from the FAA in order to legally operate drones for their businesses, but often do not have the time or background necessary to pass the FAA test. To that end, Unmanned Aerial Solutions of Arkansas is providing training for new Drone Pilots in the safe and legal use of UAS to benefit their organizations.

Currently, the primary method is to hold thorough Test Preparation courses in all five areas of the test (Regulations, Airspace, Weather, Performance, and Operations) in order to both help our students pass the FAA examination as well as make safe decisions for their companies when flying drones. Our class lasts 8 hours, and provides an opportunity to learn in-person from a pilot with 13 years of experience flying drones, as well as being involved in local, regional, and national-level discussions on drone policy.

Discounts for educators, military, and first responders are available upon request. Educators can receive up to 6 hours of Professional Development for taking our course as well! Contact us today for our next scheduled class date, or to arrange one for your workplace!

Flight Training

Amount of time varies by request

$20.00-30.00 per hour, per person

Why Risk Your $1500 Aircraft? Come Fly With Us First!


Did you just buy a brand new drone, capable of high-definition video and autonomous flight? Do you know how to fly it in a safe way, that reduces the risk to the public both on the ground and in the air? Are you willing to risk your new investment learning to fly yourself?

Contact us today regarding our Drone Flight Instruction services! We can walk you through the process of learning to fly, starting with basic machines all the way up through GPS-guided aircraft capable of flying waypoints for your missions. All training is conducted under the eye of our expert, who has 13 years of experience with these aircraft,

Individual rates are $30/per hour, group rates are $20/per person/per hour.

Drone Consulting

Prices Vary

Help Your Organization Embrace the Future!


Does your business or group want to use small Drones to help expand your capabilities, but you are unsure of how to proceed within the current regulations? Are you interested in having an expert create your safety, policy, and flight training program in order to maximize your benefit while limiting costs? Our Drone Consulting services are available for agencies seeking to implement the fastest growing sector of aviation while reducing potential risks and liabilities. We offer assistance with training programs, Policy and Procedures manuals, Hazard Vulnerability Analyses, or even advice on flight platforms to consider for your group.  Contact us today to discuss your specific needs.

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